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Janine Whipps, Dike

Janine showed up at Bernd’s Pond Grand Opening in 2012 in our Garage, where we started.
She had heart about Bernd’s Pond through the Northern Iowa Koi and Pond Club.
How ever since them Bernd takes care of the Pond, which Janine had purchased with her new home in Dike.

This pond was one of this home made ponds, and had a “skimmer filter” made out of a rain barrel.
I call this kind of pond in the meantime all just Rainbarrel wonders,
as they develop within just a couple of years all kind of serious issues.

How ever, first we replaced this Rainbarrel with a true skimmerfilter and also plugged the unnessesary bottom drain.
As next step we replaced the wooden bridge, which was more than dangerus.

And finally we replaced the leaking roofing tarp and the waterfall filter, which had cracked because of the lack of installation.
All in all, we redid the whole pond and now Janine has something to enjoy.

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Janine Whipps

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