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Jan Thomas, Parkersburg

Jan came through an other customers recommendation to Bernd’s Pond.
She had already a clear vision, what she wanted, add an other waterfall to the already existing water feature.
Bernd suggested to run each waterfall with his own pump and skimmer to avoid any troubles.
Jan had before an pressure filter, which by her own messures was always a pain in the .....

Jan Thomas pond under construction May 14, 2013 001

Here you see already the both new skimmerfilter installed to the old but good liner.

Jan Thomas pond under construction May 14, 2013 002

The new waterfall filter already set and the steps for the small stream formed


Here the new waterfall already decorated and good to go


And water go, pretty, isn’t it?


The before existing waterfall well


And here the full beauty.
Please note: because of the new added waterfall filter, we added also a biological filtration, which was before missing in the preexisting system!

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