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Dr. Durbin

Kate Durbin’s dream was always to have a fountain made from real stone.
Anyone that has ever tryed to drill a hole into real stone knows,
only professional equipment will do it,
so Dr. William and Kate Durbin asked me for help, to fulfill Kate’s dream.

There was an area at the left front of their home, where nothing wanted to grow,
with an ugly black tile which took away from the beauty.

Durbin Fountain (5)

I showed Kate Durbin a picture of 3 real Basalt Columns
where the water bubbles out of the top.
Kate just fell directly in love.

Durbin Fountain (12)

The hole dug, the black tile moved, and the Basin set level.

Durbin Fountain (16)

The pump and the columns installed, some actual river rocks filled in.
It looks beautiful doesn’t it?  But.........

Durbin Fountain (19)

There was more. Here you see Kate Durbin checking out the beauty
of the real Basalt Columns
Kate, Dr. William Durbin and I where looking forward to the night to come!

Durbin Fountain (23)

Isn’t that marvelous?
The integrated LED Lights and a Real Rock LED - Spot Light
bring out all the true beauty of their Real Basalt Stone Fountain.
Notice the markings, and how the water sparkles.
I know, that Kate Durbin just loves it, and Dr. William Durbin dosen’t say much,
but I saw a twinkle in his eyes and I know he was also very pleased.

Durbin Fountain (28)

And if the customer is happy, that makes me happy!
Thank you Dr. William and Kate Durbin for this great opportunity to serve you.

Durbin Fountain (33)

But before we forget, see what happened to the ugly black tile,
and how nice the rain barrel looks

Dr. William and Kate Durbin’s Recommendation

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