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Don and Pearl Spore, Waverly

Bernd’s Pond met Pearl and Don the first time at the Home and Garden Show in Waterloo.
Than Pearl and Don visited our store, explained there wishes and we made an appointment.
At Pearl and Don’s property I saw a preformed pond and Don explained his wishes.
He wanted a true pond, with the possebility, to keep fish over winter and also a small waterfall.


The always nessesary number 1 call forced us, to reconsider the layout,
but quickly we decided a new solution.

Bernd started the digging, skimmer filter and waterfall filter are already positioned and of course the preformed pond is removed.


The hole dag, plant shelfs formed


On the right site you see the trench for the pipe from skimmer to waterfall filter


Underlayment and liner placed, all pipes and fittings connected
Waterfall already good to go, water is filling


And here we go
Pearl and Don are going to get more Iowa rocks to finish up the pond.

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