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Dennis Prohaska, Iowa Falls

Dennis contaced Bernd’s Pond in our store.
He explained issues with green water and algea and requested a filter system.
I deceided to make an appointment at the pond site, to see what realy is going on.
How ever, at the pond site I recognized an assamble of stock tanks and kind of a waterfall stream build from liner hanging in one of the stock tanks.
In order to create something real, I suggested to redo the whole arrangement
into one true pond with waterfall.


Here you see already the rechaped hole, stock tanks and old material gone.
Dennis dug the mainhole with his backhoe and Bernd’s Pond build shelfs and rechaped the waterfall stream.

Prohaska  pond August 2013 001

Underlayment and liner already in place
on the top you see the waterfall well, which we had to use,
because underneeth the hill is a stormshelter and no space for an waterfall filter.

Prohaska  pond August 2013 016

Skimmer filter is set and installed
Water is filling the new water feature.

Prohaska  pond August 2013 022

Now the waterfall well is installed, the waterfall steps are set and the water runs for the first time

Prohaska pond August 2013 019

Here you see the full project, running the first time

Bernd's pond jobs 054
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