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Darlene and Dan Merklin, Iowa Falls

Darlene Merklin contacted Bernd’s Pond.
She recognized some issues with her existing pond and waterfall.
After an inital visit at her property, I suggested a complete reduing of the water feature
there was roofing tarp used in the first time, which now caused all the issues.

Also was the waterfall a splattering and water losing issue.

1. Merklin pond (1)

Here you see already all the old equipment and roofing tarp removed,
the blank hole and the blank waterfall stream

Dan and Darlene Merklin new pond 004

We rechaped the pond, build plantshelfs, extended the deepth to 30”
and also restructured the waterfall and the stream.
On the top you see already the new waterfall filter, and in the hole I’m placing the underlayment.

Dan and Darlene Merklin new pond 005

Now liner, skimmer filter and also a drain tile are placed and installed.
Note: How the liner from the stream hangs over the pond liner.

Dan and Darlene Merklin new pond 008

Stones are placed, also the step-stones in the waterfall

Dan and Darlene Merklin new pond 016

Here you see the water feature running

Bernd's pond jobs 039

Isn’t that pretty?

Bernd's pond jobs 040

As suggested, Darlene added lights and also a motion by using the tucon

Bernd's pond jobs 041
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