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One thing I always wonder about; there are constructor/landscaper out there,
who want to build a pond and don’t have one on their own.

Isn’t that like a car dealer that drives€¯ with a bike?

But here is the first hint, always ask to visit the constructors/landscaper own pond.
And if you are there, look at the water, plants and fish, do they look healthy, can you see them at all?
Is the water clean and finally, does it attract you?

Now the second hint, what kind of question does the constructor/landscaper ask?
Is he trying to find out your wishes, or is he trying to guide you to his first draw solution?
Does he recognize your wishes about fish, plant, waterfalls and other features you would like.
Does he makes a difference between fish-ponds, water-garden or the combination?
Is his first way into your yard with the measuring tape?

Does he try to impress with big numbers from gallons, wattage and other technical things?

Now the third hint, ask for recommendations, customer you could ask about his work
what kind of education about water features he brings along, how many water features he has built in the past.
Ask for pictures from water features he has actuelly build, not just some catalog pictures.

And at last, the fourth hint, we at Bernd’s Pond are never able, to give you at the first initial visit a quote,
there are way to much options and solutions,
we usually take all the information we get from you and then go from there.
We like to set up the follow up appointment at our Store where you  can see the various equipment and options to inspire your design.

We would like the opportunity to give you a quote and to serve you


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