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Conny and Don Diamond, Conrad

As so often there already was a smal pond with waterfall.
It was always difficult to save the fish in the wintertime.
An expention was desired, with a pond deep enough, to leave the fish over  the wintertime where they, by nature, belong, in the pond.

May 2012 Diamond pond 002

After planning the new pond, Don Diamond dug the hole and I designed the levels.

May 2012 Diamond pond 011

Trough carefull planning, we were able to save most of the existing waterfall

May 2012 Diamond pond 017

Underlayment was installed, to avoid roots and small stones which could damage the liner.

May 2012 Diamond pond 022

Liner in place, now working out the folds, always away from the waterfall.

May 2012 Diamond pond 021

Here the liner is already in place, and the detailwork began

May 2012 Diamond pond 024

It looks very good. In the back you can see the old liner from the pre-existing waterfall
hanging over the new liner.

May 2012 Diamond pond 031

Water going in! Connie Diamond is watching the filling.

Diamond's pond, May 2012 001

Stones around the boarder are set and now it is time for the waterfall

Diamond's pond, May 2012 006

Close up look at the waterfall, just before starting it up.

Diamond's pond, May 2012 012

Here we go, and the soothing sound of water filles the backyard of the Diamond’s

Diamond's pond, May 2012 013

A waterfall like this could be found in real nature also.

Diamond's pond, May 2012 019

Time for waterplants and decorations, which will be done with love by Connie Diamond.

Please note:
Here we used 2 Skimmerfilters, which was nessesary because of the extended watervolume

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