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Aaron and Christina Rider,  Webster City

Aaron and Christina had bought a nice victorian home in Webster City.
With this home came a formal pond and because it was the first pond for them,
Aaron and Christina contacted Bernd’s Pond for advice.

Both enjoyed there water feature, but unfortunately after the first season
broke the roofing tarp, which had been used as liner from the previous owner.

Aaron and Christina contacted Bernd’s Pond again and together we deceided,
to redo the pond complete, add depth, a waterfall and also steps for
child and pet safety and plant baskets.


1.before (3)

On the picture above, you see the pond before Bernd’s Pond started
On the picture underneeth, you can see, how we rechaped the pond,
we used treaded wood to give the chape a clear formal structure and stability.
The skimmerfilter and also the waterfall filter are already placed and set.
We extended the deepth to 32”, and also installed clear structured steps.

Rechape with equipment (3)

On the next picture, you can see the underlayment Bernd’s Pond installed.
Underlayment is important, as it safes the liner again up freezing stones and growing roots.
Also it allows gases which are produced in the ground to escape

Underlayment (5)

The next picture shows you the pond almost finished.
The water is just filling, Liner is placed, as well as the stones
On the right hand site under neeth the waterfall well,
you can see also a waterfall light.

Finished filling (2)

Bernd explains the equipment, also the first treatment is done together with Aaron Rider.
Also did we talk about plants, fish and further choices to make this water feature even more enjoyable.
It is important to Bernd’s Pond, that we really talk with our customer about everything, what is on there mind.
Also we are always avaible by phone for questions, concerns and any pond related question.

Finished (20)

Now you can see the finished project.
Aaron and Christina are now going to decorate with pondplants, and some washed river rocks
add there fishies and enjoy there new water feature.
Pictures will follow.

Finished (24)

Aaron and Christina Rider’s

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